Teach you choose agricultural small submersible pumps

Agricultural small submersible pump , farmers in rural areas to solve production and living water and irrigation , a major water pumping equipment , but due to numerous manufacturers of submersible pumps , a big gap between technical force , resulting in poor product quality merits . Therefore, in order to choose a reliable , cheap pumps, we must start from the following aspects :

1 , the choice of the manufacturer . Select submersible pumps , we must first understand the pump manufacturer, recommends priority buy water-filled submersible pump, pump selection of the first to see the grades and product certification , do not buy the “three noes” products , that no manufacturer , no production date , no production license. Otherwise problems, the user will do nothing.

2 , single-phase or three-phase pumps pump selection . Power should be based on local conditions to determine the single-phase or three-phase pumps pump the place where there are generally three-phase power to choose the three-phase pumps. This is because with the specifications of single-phase pumps with three-phase pump, three-phase pumps , small size, light weight , vibration light , so I chose the three-phase pump more economical .

3, the pump parameter determination . Select submersible pump key is to determine parameters such as flow and head . Pump flow selection, with the water quantity and water consumption as well as to family economic conditions to adapt, to deal with specific issues . The user selects the desired lift pump brand best way to rise close to economic use , in order to achieve maximum efficiency . But does not require absolutely the same , generally less than 20% variation can be the case in the comparison work energy . If you select a pump head is too small , low- lift pump for high lift work, namely ” small horse cart ” , even if we can smoke in Sheung Shui, water will be small ; pump head is too high , the high lift pump for low lift work, namely ” big horse car ” , there will be heavy traffic running , the motor overload , if the long run , the motor temperature rises , winding insulation layer will gradually aging, and even burning motor .

4, pump quality inspection . Submersible pump motors are water-filled , oil-filled and shielding structure, generally water-filled most widely used. This pump is used , you must put two water holes Unscrew all bolts , a water ( no sand water ) , another emission of air , water , etc. , after about 15 minutes to be static , such as the motor cavity all air is expelled after the addition of water until it filled with water and then put two injection bolts tightened. The motor in a sealed state . Filled with water after the motor windings working in the water, can be measured on the motor insulation , measure the insulation resistance must be megger that shake table , the table can not be universal , because universal table range is limited, and the earth between the winding insulation resistance measurement unclear. Insulated after passing the test run of the pump test . Conditional place , fill the water in the motor , tighten the bolts water can be energized within the pool pump test run , but not long-term operation , there is no condition in Inoue short turn, but no longer than 3 seconds.

5 , the choice of place of purchase . To note that the agricultural sector recognized point of sale or purchase stores and ask for a formal invoice , otherwise there is a problem , the user will not be solved.

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