Resulting in centrifugal pumping several reasons Sheung Shui

Centrifugal pump is the pump industry was more widely applied to a class of products, although its simple structure, easy maintenance, efficiency

Higher, but also because sometimes mention no water and people feel more trouble. Changsha Pump Works will now mention no water pump that intentionally

Cause failure analysis.
Pump speed is too low
  ( 1 ) improper installation . Two pulley center distance is not too small or two axes parallel to the belt tight side mounted to the top, resulting in packet

Angle is too small , two pulley diameter calculation error and the drive shaft of the pump two axes larger eccentricity , etc., will cause the pump switch

Speed ​​changes.

        ( 2 ) mechanical failure of the pump itself . Impeller and shaft fastening nut is loose or bent shaft deformation , resulting in leaf

Round multi- shift , direct friction with the pump , or bearing damage , are likely to reduce the pump speed .

        ( 3 ) human factors . There are a considerable number of users due to motor damage wife , accompanied by another computer on random

Motivation driven , resulting in a less traffic , head low or even no water pumping consequences.

        ( 4 ) belt wear. There are many large-scale use of band pass from the pump , due to prolonged use , wear loose belt also ,

Slipping phenomenon , thereby reducing the pump speed .

        ( 5 ) power machine repair is not recorded . Motor windings burned because , while loss of excitation , maintenance winding turns , diameter ,

Wiring changes , or repair of the fault is not completely ruled out factors also cause the pump speed changes .

        Inlet and an air pump body
( 1 ) Some users are not filled before the start of the pump enough water ; sometimes looks irrigation water overflow from the bleed hole , but

Turn the air shaft cross completely drained , resulting in a little air still remained in the inlet or the pump body .
( 2 ) into the water because of potential long-term underwater corrosion wall having holes , declining water pump after work , when these

Hole out of the water , the air from the inlet pipe into the hole .

    ( 3 ) cracks at the inlet elbow , inlet pipe and pump connections appear slight gap , are likely to make

Air into the inlet pipe .

        ( 4 ) in contact with the pump into the water against the flow direction of the horizontal section of the application of the down slope of 0.5% or more , the connection

Pump inlet end to the highest , not perfectly level . If the upward tilt , will be retained within the inlet air , reducing the

Pipes and pumps in the vacuum, impact -absorbent.

        ( 5 ) a filler pump has been used for a long vertical centrifugal or packing too worn too loose , resulting in a large number of

Water from the filler and the discharge gap between the sleeve shaft , the result is the outside air into the gap from the interior of the pump

, Affecting the carrying water .

    Water flow out of the water in the pressure loss is too large

        Some users have been measured , although the reservoir or water tower vertical distance to the water surface is also slightly less than the pump Yang

Way , but still put a small amount of water or no water lift .

    The reason is often too long pipes , water pipes bend over , water pipeline centrifugal pressure loss in the pipe is too large . Its original

Because too often pipes , water pipes bend over , the water in the pipe friction loss is too large. Under normal circumstances than 90 degree elbow

120 degree bend resistance, lift each 90-degree bend loss of about 0.5 to 1 meter , each 20 meters head can damage the pipe resistance

Missed appointments one meter . In addition, some users also freely pump inlet and outlet pipe diameter, those on the head also has some influence


        Suction lift too

        Changsha Pump Works staff analysis of some of the deeper water , some water at the periphery of the terrain is relatively flat , while the

Ignoring the allowable suction pump , resulting in a less or no water no water absorption results. To know the pump suction port

Office will be able to establish the degree of vacuum is limited , the absolute vacuum suction lift is about 10 m high water column , while the pump is impossible to establish

Absolute vacuum . And the vacuum through the large, easy to make the water pump gasification , the pump work adversely . Therefore, both the pump

Has its maximum permissible suction lift , usually between 3 to 8.5 meters , installation of pumps must not only aim is simple and easy .

            Other factors

    ( 1 ) foot valve open. Usually due to the pump on hold for too long, the bottom valve gasket is stuck dead , no bottom washer

Valve may rust .

        ( 2 ) a faulty valve or check valve or blockage can cause horizontal centrifugal pump flow decreases even no water pumping .

        ( 3 ) unloaded export pipeline leak will affect mention water .

        ( 4 ) foot valve filter network is blocked ; or foot valve water sludge layer potential cause filter clogging .

        ( 5 ) impeller badly worn . Impeller blades wear out after long-term use , the impact of the pump performance.

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