Pump maintenance and maintenance should pay attention to the problems

1 pump water will corrode, prohibit the use of the material so water pump vacuum, the use of vacuum pumps.
     2 water pump large amounts of solvents containing substances in the oven, first remove most of the solvent, and then use the oil pump vacuum.
     3 Press the right order using a vacuum pump to prevent suck phenomenon.
     4 finished using a vacuum oven, be sure to do cleaning work, clean the windows of a vacuum oven.
     5 Wipe the surface rust oil.
     6 Clear the governor cavity injection pump cavity rust oil, plus single-stage centrifugal pump into the specified grade lubricants.
     7 where the anti-rust oil fuel lines should also be cleared before use, access to the fuel injection pump piping, fuel injection pump camshaft rotates constantly, until the oil valve seat tight chemical centrifugal pump spray cleaner burning up.
     8 Fuel reasonable choice.
     9 label must use appropriate fuel. No. 0 diesel general use in the summer, winter -10 # light diesel oil.
     10 fuel used must be clean and shall not contain any impurities and moisture plastic centrifugal pumps.


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