Petrochemical Pump What are the trends for the future?

Within a certain time in the future , petrochemical pump to high-speed, large-scale , mechatronics direction , the product will also have a series of specific and standards , and are supporting the generic.
For now, the entire petrochemical industry has become bigger and bigger, and had a certain scale , carried out slowly with the international standards, the country will also be tens of thousands of sets of chemical pumps are exported to foreign countries, to open up a broad market. But now some of the pumps have been factory run too far behind , equipment is aging , and the need for further reform and development .
Now many domestic manufacturers began to introduce foreign technology , making the overall quality chemical pump performance level has been greatly improved. But these are not quite enough .
Petrochemical industry is a commitment to energy , petrochemical industry a serious impact on the overall economic development of our country , in order to make this industry can have a better future , petrochemical pump requirements also changed correspondingly high, such as in more precise measurement of requirements . At present the domestic market related petrochemical pump accuracy specifications , little, not many varieties , and even some of them are life is not long , so these problems have become increasingly important.


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