Lumena mechanical and electrical innovation tend to cost reduction

Unfavorable international economic situation , Electrical Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Xuguang precautionary , taking market development , enhance technological innovation and cost control measures, in the face of the international financial crisis today , companies should turn challenges into opportunities , pinpoint their location , efforts to develop domestic and international markets , to defuse the crisis adversely affected.

First, there must be innovation . With the awareness of innovation, it will encourage enterprises to work hard , seize the opportunity . There are many companies electromechanical industry also uses cottage mode , the urgent need to establish modern management concepts , including market awareness, service consciousness, the sense of competition , a sense of crisis and so on. In opening up the market , including promotional platform for the establishment , promotion of media selection and delivery, customers looking to establish new customer relationships , business communication and exchange , generation of new orders , etc., have long-term planning and response measures . Electromechanical industry but also attaches great importance to technological development and innovation , technological development and innovation efforts to form a mechanism for development .

Second, the enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets is a continuous self-improvement, development process , and indeed the business development and growth process. At this stage, should be based on the actual situation of the enterprises concerned to take " two legs" to walk strategy , emphasis on the international and domestic market development. With this marketing strategy may be to some extent, reduce business risk , making companies moving steadily , step by step , expanding the scope of the target market for enterprises to lay a solid foundation of great benefit.

Third , strengthen cost control defuse the pressure of competition . Cost control is the process of using the principles of systems engineering in the production and operation of enterprises occurred during the various cost calculation , regulation and supervision of the process, but also to discover weaknesses in internal potential , find all possible ways to reduce costs in the process . For domestic manufacturing enterprises , in order to scientifically organize the implementation of cost control , and promote enterprises to improve management , change management mechanism , improve the quality of enterprises so that enterprises in the fierce market competition environment continue to develop and grow.


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