How to improve the efficiency of agricultural water pump work

Pump pump efficiency is a measure of the level of effectiveness of the work of a technical and economic indicators. It refers to the effective power of the pump (i.e., the pump output power) and a pump shaft power (ie, the pump input power) ratio. Pump efficiency is typically 65% to 90%, large pumps up to 90%. Pump efficiency level depends largely on the use of the pump, if improper maintenance and use, even to produce high efficiency pumps, but also reach the purpose of economic operation efficiency and low consumption. Therefore. The actual operation of the pump should endeavor to improve the efficiency of the pump. To minimize the energy to pump the water in the process, there is the loss of the energy. Reduce the volume loss. Volume loss is water flowing through the water after the leakage of traffic, including from the mouth ring clearance, packing seal and pump impeller balancing the loss of water holes and other premises.


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