Agricultural water pump troubleshooting

1, can not start. Check the cable connector is solid, the switch contact is tight. If open circuit or poor contact, should be repaired.

2, no water absorption. The reason is the pump body inlet air or gas accumulation. Remedy: First the pressure up, and then the pump is filled with water, and then boot. Also check whether the tight check valve, piping, fittings without leakage phenomenon, if found leakage, after the demolition of the joints greased or blending paint, and tighten the screws. Check the pump shaft seal rings, such as severe wear should be replaced with new parts.

3, the motor overheating. Check the wiring and switch places if there is a short circuit, check the impeller and impeller cover, the motor stator and rotor has no friction, and remove obstacles.

4, the flow is insufficient. This is because the head is too high, long piping or piping caused by a right angle bend. Head should be adjusted to shorten the tubing or pipe bending change, but also must check and exclude filters and pipes obstruction.


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