Energy saving method of six of the farm diesel engine

One is to increase agricultural diesel engine cooling water temperature is generally lower than the water temperature 45 ℃, the engine does not burn completely , oil viscosity, increase the running resistance , and thus more fuel , so the need to improve the diesel engine cooling water temperature.

The second is to ensure the best delivery advance angle 195 type diesel engine fuel supply advance angle best angle of 16 " to 20 ." When the diesel engine used for some time , due to the injection pump plunger parts and auto parts wear, fuel supply advance angle is reduced , fuel too late , fuel consumption increases, so should ensure that the fuel supply advance angle in the best angle.

Third, ensure that the machine is not leaking diesel oil pipelines often due to uneven joints , gaskets deformed or damaged there is leakage . The solution is : ① the gasket coated with paint on the glass polished valve , pipe joint can be corrected . ② additional diesel recovery . Can be used instead of a hollow screw cap bicycle spokes , or plastic pipe nipple on the return pipe and hollow screw connections , so back to the oil into the tank.

Fourth purification before use diesel fuel failures by more than half fuel system . The solution is : ① buy diesel shelved 2 to 4 days and then precipitated using 98% of the impurities can be precipitated . ② If are bought and used , place the filter in the fuel tank or toilet paper to put two layers of silk , which can filter out impurities.

Five is to change the " big horse cart " approach wells on common " big machine with a small pump " phenomenon, is actually a waste of energy approach. Improved approach is: appropriate to increase engine pulley , in the case of diesel increased deceleration running pump speed, flow, head shaft power increase, reaching energy efficiency goals .

Six is to adjust the injector fuel injection pressure of 195 type diesel engine injector fuel injection pressure of 12O +5 Lunar / square cm . When the injection pressure is lower than IO0 kg / sq cm, the increase in fuel consumption IO ~ 20 g / kWh . Direct comparison method checking or adjusting the pressure on the fuel pump .


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