Routine maintenance work the pump

1 should always check the pump 's power wire to see if there will be aging , damaged , power lines , etc. made ​​copper leakage

Health . If so, for the shore power cord can be wrapped on the parcel is good, but for the power line in the water

, Preferably be replaced. This is the daily work of maintenance of the pump can not be abandoned . In addition, always check the water pump out

Water at the outlet of the impeller or to see whether the above is dirt and foreign matter blocking . Check the pump operation , the sound is judged by

It is , if there are miscellaneous crisp sound, indicating the water pump bearing is damaged , the need for repair and maintenance , refueling , or even replacement.

You also need to check whether there is leakage happens, once the leakage, serviced immediately.

   (2) Exception for pumps handling noise
     If the water pump bearing is damaged, you can replace it .
     If the pump impeller loose , then go tighten.

  3 pump fails for processing and maintenance of water supply
    If the problem lies in the pump, see if it needs water to work
    If there is the pump reversal capacitor connection method should be replaced ,
    If it is found that the pump impeller outlet or foreign objects left in the gap , we must do a good job cleaning up as soon as possible .
    Moreover, you should check the pump seal.
    These pumps do routine maintenance work is critical. Most pumps need maintenance, routine maintenance of the pump

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