Centrifugal Pump Selection 2

Learning in the water , we know that when an open circle around the central axis for simple isometric rotation speed , the water inside the circle would simply increase the rotating concave parabola shown in Figure 3-2 . Jane radius circle bigger turn faster when the liquid rises along the round Jane wall height is greater. Centrifugal pump is based on this principle to work , the difference is that the centrifugal pump impeller , pump casing is specially designed for hydraulic calculations and complete.
    Commonly used in water and wastewater engineering stage single suction centrifugal pump 's basic structure . The pump includes a pump volute casing 1, and the shaft 2 is mounted on the rotating impeller 3 . Volute pump casing suction port on the pump suction pipe 4 is connected to the pump outlet pressure pipe 5 is connected . The pump impeller is generally composed of two circular cover , the cover sheet between a number of curved blades, between the blade channel over the water leaves the tank , shown in Figure 3-4 . On the front plate of the impeller has a large hole, which is the impeller inlet, which is mounted on the suction mouth of the pump casing , the pump suction line connected to pass. Before starting the pump , the pump casing should be filled with water and water pipes, then , drive motor , impeller and water for high-speed rotation, at this time , water was thrown by centrifugal force impeller, volute casing through the flow channel and flows into the pump pressurized water pipes and the input to the pipe network . At the same time , the center of the pump impeller is formed as shuibeishuaichu vacuum , water in the pool water will be at atmospheric pressure , along a continuous flow of the suction pipe and suction inlet of the impeller , but also by the effect of high-speed rotation of the impeller , the impeller is thrown while the input pressure water pipes, thus forming a continuous water pump .
From the above we can see that the centrifugal pump working process , in fact, is a work of energy transfer and conversion process, which rotates the electric and mechanical energy into the liquid to be pumped up kinetic and potential energy , in this transfer and conversion process with many of the energy loss , the greater the loss of this energy , the worse the performance of the pump , the lower the efficiency .


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